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Climate of Thailand

Thanks to its geographical position Thailand could be visited throughout the year. This is due to its varied microclimate that differentiates the various tourist areas scattered around the country. So for example, when the monsoon season is in the ​​Andamen Sea, in the Gulf of Thailand all are enjoying the high tourist season, characterized by beautiful sunny days.

The truth in fact is that Thailand is a land for all seasons. Whatever month of the year you choose for your holiday in Asia or Thailand we will always be able to point you the best places where you can enjoy beautiful days on the beach.

And if it rains?

I always say to our customers, “a bit ‘of rain never hurt anyone” and in some cases a few drops of water is a real blessing in a country where the average temperatures hovering between 28 and 32 ° C.

And also in the rainy days there are always several resources for tourists, who can admire beautiful landscapes under the fresh drops of heaven Thai, visit the artistic treasures of the major museums in the capital, the old capital Ayutthaya or in the North, or simply engage in a convenient shopping tour in one of the many markets or malls that are a bit ‘anywhere in Thailand.

Do not forget that the weather in Asia and Thailand will change very quickly ( especially in the islands ), which is why the showers never last more than an hour, and in no time at here is that the sun gets set in again.

The best season to go

In Thailand, there are three different seasons:

Summer season which runs from April to June and is characterized by a warm climate with average temperatures between 28 and 35 degrees.

The period of rains, from June to September, which is still the least rainy monsoon season around the South-East Asia, with many sunny days and average temperatures between 27 ° and 32 °.

The cool period, is the peak tourist season for all of Asia, that goes’ from October to March and that offers a mild climate with average temperatures between 26 ° and 30 ° C and characterized by beautiful sunny days.

Below is a table summarizing the meteorology differentiated for the various geographical areas of Thailand in the year.

weather table Thailand - InnTravel

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