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Between taste and beauty

From North to South Thailand offers a great geographic and ethnic diversity, which corresponds to an equally wide range of regional culinary traditions. The well-known Thai cuisine offers a rich and refined combination of herbs, meats, fish and vegetables, enriched by numerous spices. But what characterizes this kitchen, the ingredient that has helped make it famous all over the world, is certainly the chilli. Many Thai dishes are very spicy indeed !

In addition to a careful composition of ingredients, Thai cuisine pays special attention to each dish. The food is well-being, therefore each component must be able to gratify your body and soul. Not only recipes choices and fresh ingredients, then, but compositions of great beauty and bring Serve in an extremely harmonious. The delicacies of Thai cuisine, in short, can really eat with your eyes!

During the meal, in Thailand all the dishes are served on the table at once, and shared among the various participants at the banquet. Each course has its own plate of rice and often a small bowl for the soup. Eating at the Thai is certainly a unique experience that everyone must try during your stay in Thailand.

The Thailand dishes you must try

Below we offer a small selection of the best Thai food, it’s just that you have to taste delicacies during your stay in the Land of Smiles.

The Som Tum is a typical salad made ​​with papaya, peanuts and shrimp. You can choose a variant spicy and is eaten accompanied with sticky rise , a steamed rice used in Thailand as a substitute for bread.

dishes of Thailand

The Padtai is a dish of noodle (typical oriental noodles) and is cooked together with a mix of vegetables, meat or fish.

Another traditional dish really worth mentioning is the Khao Pad or “fried rice”, it is cooked by frying the pre-cooked rice steamed with vegetables, meat or fish.

Another hearty meal which is the Tom Kah Kai , dish taste slightly sweet and sour. It is prepared with herbs, lemon, mushrooms, chicken and coconut milk.

Similar dish is the Tom Yum Kung , a soup made ​​of shrimp flavour stronger and savoury smells of lemon and consists of herbs and seafood.

However, the Thai cuisine is varied, rich and delicious, you should try different dishes and be guided by your taste.

And for those not content to try the Thai cuisine, but you want to learn the secrets, many of the tourist areas of Thailand offer cooking classes for all levels of preparation. Courses of one day are enough to learn the use of the basic ingredients of Thai cuisine and prepare 3-5 dishes: a result is reliable to impress your friends when you return from holiday.

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