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A candlelight dinner on the beach or a transgressive club ?

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Whether you want a romantic dinner by candlelight on the beach on a beautiful Tropical Island or you prefer a “transgressive night” of fun in one of the most famous and fashion local, Thailand is able to satisfy every kind of expectation !

Each town of Thailand is able to offer little corners of paradise where you can spend a romantic evening in the company of your love, in a warm and surreal atmosphere that will make you feel at the centre of the universe. But just as varied is the offer of local, disco pubs, clubs etc.. Especially in the most tourist place of Thailand.

Pubs and clubs in Bangkok – Thailand

nightlife -discoteca bangkokThe beating heart of the night-life in Thailand is Bangkok. His most famous districts for fun are those of Pat Pong, the Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and many more… it would be impossible to mention them all, but we give you some advice, if you do not know what to do in the evening while on holiday in Thailand.

Silom Road is located in the Silom Soi 4, a street with a high concentration of small to medium sized rooms including pubs and disco-pub with excellent quality, most frequented by young Thais and tourists. Pat Pong is very popular for his nightclubs where there are many go-go bars with their ballerinas lap dance, night, bar girl to no end and trendy nightclubs.

In Sukhumvit Road is the Nana Plaza, a buzzing that collects many go-go bars and a large disco. Even Soy Cowboy is in Sukhumvit Soi 23 and is to another area full of bars and girls. Khaosan Road is no exception of course is home to many pubs and disco-pub in a warm environment frequented by Thai and Western tourists.

Among the trendy nightclubs the best is the Sofi Hotel (located near Siam Square) and is called the Concept 2. There were also the disco at the Grand Hyatt Erawan, and Rivas, belonging to Sheraton Hotel in Sukhumvit Road. A nightclub very pretty, modern and refined is the Q-Bar which is always located in Sukhumvit Road and Hollywood.

Fun in the island of Phuket

nightlife in ThailandThe island of Phuket night-life has as its reference point the Banana Club nightclub on the waterfront, where they play house music. But the best of Phuket is located in Patong Bangla Road. A central street, with its branches in light pink and red, full of go-go bars, clubs and discos of all kinds. The most famous of these are the Tiger and just outside the Tai-Pan, disco refined more intimate, reminiscent of a private club.

The nightlife in Pattaya

If Pattaya has become known, this is due to the number of its Bar. Small or large, class or cheaper there is something for every taste: the only centre of Pattaya there are more than 800 Bar with the aim to entertain you .

The famous go-go bar, offering drinks more expensive but include the cost of the show. These bars and clubs are located along the coast of Pattaya and the three roads on which they are located are the Walking Street, Soy Diamond and Pattayaland.

Fun in Koh Samui

Another famous place for its night life in Thailand is Koh Samui. Really famous for its liveliness and the huge selection of discos, bars and pubs. Most of the night-life is concentrated in the towns of Chaweng and Lamai. At Chaweng there are several clubs like the Reggae Pub and Green Mango which often stay open until dawn. Among other local highlight the Cotton Club, the Club, the Jazz Junction. Both in Chaweng to Lamai which are then hundreds of small bars.

Besides that Koh Samui it is famous in the world for what happens once a month in an island nearby and accessible by boat or ferry, the famous full moon party of Koh Phangan. As a full-moon parties there are many throughout Thailand but the one we’re about to talk about is definitely the most popular … it is held on the beaches of Rin Rin Nok and Nai island of Koh Phang Ngan.

Full moon party – Koh Phangan

In truth it is much more of a party, you arrive in the late afternoon to see the full moon when it starts to get up, open coffee shops and bars on site, tourists will enjoy the sunset and the last warm rays of the sun, and when the sun disappears DJs start playing techno and trance music, bonfires are lit on the beach and the party begins!

Chiang Mai Night Life

Although Chiang Mai can not compete with Bangkok and other places famous for its night-life, it is also true that this also offers numerous fun.

Typical aspect of Chiang Mai is the presence of boys and girls who like to share the place with tourists nights of partying and music. A Chiang Mai closing time of discos and clubs is midnight, but there are some neighbourhoods that have special permission to stay open until 2 am. The area of ​​the premises for excellence is the Tapae Gate area near the Night Bazaar. As in the rest of Thailand Chiang Mai also offers some go-go bars many of which are located at the end of Loi Kroh Road, the other near the Imperial Hotel. The best nightclubs are instead within the Hotel, among the best known mention the Bubbles, the Spicy, also known as the Nice Illusion, and the Mandalay Bar.

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