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The honeymoon more romantic and in Thailand …

Nuovo_1_Thailandia_Viaggi-Nozze_Honey-Moon 54The numbers emerging from the latest polls in the field“Honeymoon Dream “ speak for themselves, more and more ‘couples prefer to spend their honeymoon in Asia and among the destinations most’ requests excels Thailand. What are the reasons for this success?

Young couples on their honeymoon claim to be tired of the classic destinations such as postcard Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius … who loves to travel not satisfied the most ‘beautiful beaches and beautiful sea, the couple traveling and ‘more and more’ in search a fascinating country to explore and people to meet.

This is the reason that drives every year more and more ‘visitors and more and more’ couples on their honeymoon to visit the Land of Smiles, Thailand.

Island of Koh Samui - ThailandIn Thailand there are only islands covered with tropical vegetation, white sand beaches and crystal clear water, Thailand and ‘a unique place in the world, born from the traditions of the ancient kingdom of Siam. Ancient culture that has left indelible testimonies in the ancient city ‘and archaeological sites of Sukhothai and Ayuthaya. Plus the wonderful Angkor Wat in neighboring Cambodia.

Thailand offers virtually everything the traveler eager to explore. The city ‘of Bangkok, one of the most’ fascinating and vibrant cities in Asia (nominated in 2013 the cities ‘most’ beautiful in the world for the fourth consecutive year). A hospitable people and peaceful that follows the rules of Buddhism, philosophy that permeates if ‘every aspect of daily life in Thailand. Unspoiled landscapes of unparalleled beauty, the endless rice fields of the northeast, the stunning mountains of the northern kingdom of elephants and the tribes’ of the hills , until you reach the beautiful islands of the south, with their white sand beaches and their sea emerald.

Elephants in Thailand

Whether you want a trip of cultural, sea and relaxation, unspoiled nature, a romantic place where to spend a “honeymoon unique and unforgettable”, Thailand and ‘the land of the dreams that we were looking for!

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