Thai Boxing: Muai Thai

The oldest martial art of Thailand

Thai Boxing - Prayer before the Meeting

The Thai Boxing or Muai Thai is an ancient discipline of Thailand, practiced by warriors Ao-Lai from 200 BC its original name is  Muay Thai  but the last decade has been called in different ways: Thai Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling Siamese, etc. The names change, but the discipline is always the same. In ancient times, for the battle they are not used gloves or other protection, which is why many of the original techniques have been abandoned today: too dangerous for the fighters !

thai box - Thai fighter

The boxing show in Thailand

Both the ring is in the stands, during the meetings of Thai boxing happens literally everything ! This is certainly a reason to attend a match of Muay Thai. The show is picturesque, the moments of these spectacular sporting events are marked by typical musical accompaniments and ceremonial ( ram muay boxing or dance). In particular this ceremony takes about five minutes and serves to pay tribute to the guru of the boxer and the guardian spirit of Thai boxing. During the dance the wrestlers wear bands that wrap around the head and arms, it’s sacred ornaments favouring good luck and divine protection.

Thai boxing match - clash between wrestlers

The Thai Boxing is a fighting form that stands out among all the martial arts, because it allows the use of body parts normally unused in the western arts, such as the elbows and knees; nevertheless, it can be a fun and healthy to practice in the gym so not competitive. The Federation of Thai boxing is based in Bangkok and is called: WPMF (World Professional Muaythai Federation), professional athletes of today Muai Thai fighting with the use of protection, and a meeting has a duration of 5 shooting from 3 minutes l ‘ a.

The n. 1 event of Thai boxing

Every year, in April, during the Songkran festivities on the border between Thailand and Myanmar it’s held a unique encounter that pits the best samples of the two nations. It is a combat “without exclusion of strokes” that only ends when one of two opponents is no longer able to continue.

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Enjoy a performances of Thai boxing:

Muay Thai Institute: 336/932 Prachatipat Patumthani Thanyaburi Rangsit Bangkok Tel. (0066) 02 992 00 96.

Pattaya International Muay Thaï Training School :193/15 Moo 11, Thanon Thepprasit Pattaya. Tel. : 038 41 01 11

Pathong Boxing Club : 59/4 Moo 4, Thanon Na Nai, Pathong Beach Phuket. Tel. : 01 978 93 52

Lanna Boxing Camp : 64/1 Soi 1, Thanon Huay Kaew, Chiang Mai Tel. : 053 27 31 33

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