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Slider-Smile-It-is-Costa-Rica1InnViaggi Thailand revolutionizes the world of Online Travel allowing the customer to book a travel package separately from the flight, which can be purchased directly by the customer c / or any travel agency or air carrier.

In this case you only have to communicate the date of arrival in Thailand and a representative will be ready InnViaggi be waiting at the airport in Bangkok on the day of your arrival, to start your unforgettable holiday in the Land of Smiles.

The arrival date must be notified at least 7 days notice (unless shorter times to be arranged directly with the staff of

The dates of arrival and departure from Thailand can be indicated even after the purchase of the travel package, within the limits of validity of the travel package purchased (validity, except for Last Minute, generally is seasonal).

Book without buying, you only pay a deposit of 15%

You’re you’re uncertain about the dates of your flight, but you do not want to miss one of the amazing deals InnViaggi Thailand, making a reservation. Simply pay a deposit of 15% (to ask at the check-out or directly to InnViaggi Thailand by e-mail), the remainder will pay the balance later, once you have purchased the ticket.

How to buy the plane ticket to Thailand

The trip to Thailand can also be purchased separately from our Offers and Travel Packages, with one of the following ways:

  • Addressing the staff InnViaggi Thailand, which in this case will proceed with the booking and flight following your directions
  • Using our flight search engine that gives you the chance to compare and purchase the flight only c / o the best airlines
  • Addressing c / or any travel agency of trust
  • Speaking directly to one of the many carriers that offer the chance to buy a plane flight online

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