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Maldives: Holiday Packages & Travel Offers

Republic of Maldives: Dhivehi Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa

Surface 298 Km²

Population 390,000 (2015 )

Maldives language (Dhivehi)

The Maldives are 1,192 small islands  belonging to 26 main atolls of coral origin. Maldives is located less than 500 kilometres south-west of India and from north to south covering a stretch of Indian Ocean of around 800 kilometres. Developed from the seventies, tourism has gradually gained the upper hand on other economic activities, making the Maldives one of the best destinations in the world.

Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean, and it’s well known for its white sand beaches, stunning sky-blue lagoons and extensive reefs populated by a multitude of corals and multicolour fishes.. The capital is Malé, interesting city, quite busy with the fish market where is possible to enjoy excellent restaurants and shops.

The maldives despite the lush vegetation are all flat (maximum elevation is just 2.5 meters on the Addu Atoll) and are located between 7 ° north latitude and the Equator.

The climate is tropical and regulated by the seasonal monsoon, with a dry season between December and April and a wet season in the rest of the year, although the rainfall temperatures are constantly between 27 ° and 31 ° C.


Tourism is the main economic resource of the Maldives, which have become in recent decades a dream destination all around the wordl thanks to the perfect climate and the beauty of the islands and beaches.

Why Maldives ?

The Indian Ocean islands are an icon of tropical seas, where is possible to swim among dolphins, manta rays and turtles. Ideal destinations for those who gives top priority to the sea and relax when choosing their holiday destination. The corals in the Maldives show up in their bright colours. Just a mask and snorkel to enjoy the natural show of the Maldives marine life with exciting encounters. Here live more than a 6 thousands species of fish and more than 300 varieties of coral. As the travel trend is returning to simplicity with the eco friendly holidays, the remote atolls of the Maldives, that still hide an authentic side, represent a unique opportunity to discover one of the last paradise in the world . Where is possible to forget shoes and fashionable. Havens where the hand of man has settled slightly, without damaging the environment. In Maldives there are several eco-chic resort built with onluy natural materials, respecting 100% the natural environment. The most of the Maldives resorts offer water bungalows for who want to sleep on the water surrounded by turquoise seas and isolated sand banks. The white sand beaches, which accentuates the contrast with the colour of the sea, guarantees a heavenly atmosphere, especially for couples on vacation. 

Maldives: Holiday Packages & Travel Offers

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