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Malaysia InnTravel AsiaWhen you think to the Malaysia Peninsula come to mind the fantastic adventures of Sandokan narrated in the books of Salgari. Now the pirates are gone, but the charm of Malaysia remains strong in our imagination letting us imagine a unique natural scenario and unspoiled islands and atolls with white sand beaches framed by a lush jungle and a thousand coconut palms, all wet from a water crystalline emerald that lies beneath its surface a secret world of coral reefs and an infinite variety ‘of fish.

In general we say that Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei all offer excellent quality ‘of life, internal transport, quality accommodation’ medium-high and great food. The region also offers a great variety ‘of things to do and see. One day you can ‘visit the modern and beautifully organized metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, admire the Petronas Tower, eat in its street markets or enjoy a drink in one of its trendy bars (recommend the Beach Club with its beautiful aquariums where you can enjoy a wonderful evening admiring black tip reef sharks) and the next day there you can enjoy local dances in the small villages of the islands of the east coast of Malaysia, or explore the jungle of Borneo.

Beaches and crystal clear waters of 'Redang Island - MalaysiaLovers of the beaches and tropical islands will be in heaven by visiting some of the islands that lie on the east coast of the Malay peninsula among which the archipelago of Tioman, Redang Island, the sparkling Perhentian Island Cherating and many other. In these beautiful tropical paradise will be ‘possible to make unforgettable diving or snorkelling that will allow you to admire a myriad of tropical fish, sea turtles, coral reefs of many colours bathed in a fantastic water, always warm and crystal clear.

Mountain lovers and hiking will instead kidnapped by endless jungles and virgin forests that cover about 90% of Malaysia and its diverse flora and fauna. Here you will have the opportunity ‘to climb Mount Kinabalu, to explore the natural park of Taman Negara or the forest Wasai Kandal in Brunei or descend the great rivers that characterize the region of Sarawak. Malaysia has also an impressive number of nature reserves and parks with virgin forests, endless valleys and caves that will offer you the chance ‘to see many species of birds and birds of prey, monkeys, orang-utans, rhinos, tigers and more (among many We point out the natural parks of Kenong Rimba, to Endau Rompin National Park and the “Turtle Island” in the region of Sabah).

La capitale Kuala Lumpur - MalaysiaFor enthusiasts of the outdoors there are a myriad of opportunities ‘to savour even the vibrant life of the city’, with their street markets and shopping at low cost, with their many street restaurants, with their art and their traditional festivals to be discovered (do not miss to Kuching, capital of Sarawak). You can ‘then find the traditional Malay culture in the regions of Kota Bharu, Melaka, Kota Kinabalu or admire those who until a few years ago’ towers were more ‘other world of Petronas in Kuala Lumpur or even immerse themselves in the colourful festival of we have to mention the Chinese New Year in Singapore.

Fish and diving - Redang Island - MalaysiaAdventure lovers will be spoiled for choice, they will cross rivers and down rapids, climb mountains or cross the jungles (mention Gunung Tahan, Taman Negara, Endau Rompin, Kelabit and Cameron), immerse yourself in the beautiful waters that characterize the islands of east coast of Malaysia, or take a boat trip to the discovery of Borneo.

Visiting the region will have the opportunity to meet a multitude of different ethnic groups, Malays, Chinese, Indians and numerous tribes’ especially in the area of ​​indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak. In every city ‘or small village you will also have the opportunity’ to visit one of the many street markets full of local produce, art, crafts and exotic fruits of every colour and quality ‘.

In conclusion, whatever your age ‘and the kind of trip you are seeking, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei will certainly offer you what you want and InnTravel we will be happy to assist you and accompany you in this wonderful and unique experience life and travel.

 Useful information on Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

When to go ?

Despite the rains are more ‘frequent in the months from October to April you can visit Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei practically during the whole year. If you then take a few tropical downpour there will always be other things to do like visiting cultural sites, cities’ and markets and much more. We point out that the east coast of Malaysia reports rainfall in the months from November to February.

Peak periods in the area are the Chinese New Year, the festival ‘local call Hari Raya and our Christmas and New Year.

Visa and other formalities’ input for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

Not ‘require any formalities’, all countries issue an entry visa upon arrival at the airport (one month to Singapore, Malaysia for three months).

Diseases and vaccinations

To enter the countries is not ‘request or recommended any particular vaccination. Malaria and dengue fever are present only in the most ‘remote part of the country and only during periods of rain more’ intense. To protect yourself from insect bites are enough normal precautions (good repellent, long dresses for sunset and evening, a mosquito net in case the room is not completely closed).

The InnTravel tips for sea lovers and divers

Crystal clear waters of MalaysiaAfter visiting Malaysia far and wide over the past five years, these are our suggestions and advice for lovers of the sea and diving:

Do not miss the beautiful islands of Palau Perhentian  (which also offers a pleasant night life) and Palau Redang offering both the best sites for scuba diving all over Malaysia. In these islands there will be ‘possible to admire beautiful coral reefs, colourful tropical fish, sea turtles, manta rays, harmless reef sharks (black tip) and more.

Beautiful resort of Malaysia - Sipadan IslandOther places’ noteworthy are the archipelago of Seribuat and Palau Tioman.

Best location ‘bathing of Borneo are in the region of Sabah including mention Palau Labuan (the famous Lebua Salgari), Palau Sipadan and Pulau Layang Layang doing ‘part of the famous Borneo Banks.

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