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The Island of the Sun in the Gulf of Thailand

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Called by Thais Phitsadan Koh Kaew, the Jewel Island, Koh Samet ( called sometimes Koh Samed ) owes its name to the tree that thrives by providing the material of the typical fishing boats.

The small island measuring just 13 km 2 and is located only 150 km from the capital Bangkok. Koh Samet was discovered for tourism in the early ’80s, and it soon became a popular destination because oasis of peace, offering some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Koh Samet, along Laem Ya and other surrounding islands is part of a national park established in 1981.

sea ​​and beaches of Thailand - snorkeling in Koh Samet

The weather of Koh Samet

Koh Samet, as the other islands of Thailand, it enjoys a micro climate dry, element that makes the visit even during the rainy season, between May and September.

A strategic position to visit Thailand

Currently the island has expanded its services and for tourist has become an ideal place to spend a relaxing beach holiday. Its proximity to Bangkok (about 1h30 from the airport) makes it also a strategic starting point to visit the capital of Thailand.

sunset on the island of Koh Samet

On the occasion of national holidays, the island of Koh Samet is crowded with Thai visitors. So if you intend to spend a peaceful, relaxing break, we should avoid these occurrences, which may not protracted never for more than 2-3 days.

What to do in Koh Samet ?

sea ​​and beaches of Thalandia - koh samet

Attractions and activities typical of the island are the numerous boat trips, organized by Hotel and Resort. Typically, the destinations of these tours are the nearby islands, the surrounding cliffs, ideal places for snorkelling and diving. Along the beach you have the opportunity to relax or rent windsurfing, Hobiecat (small catamarans) and kayak.

The popularity of Koh Samet seems to grow from year to year, this is due to its attractive accommodation, the better quality of its restaurants and bars, especially near the most famous beaches. The island has banned the use of jet skis along the coast, because this activity is likely to damage the coral formations surrounding. InnTravel Asia is in favor of sustainable tourism that respects the natural environment and the location of each visit, so we do not recommend to use these resources in protected areas, and invite you to responsible tourism to contribute to the preservation of Thai Natural Park.

Among the most beautiful beaches in Thailand

Wind Surf a koh samet

The best beaches and facilities are located in the east coast: Hat Sai Kaew and Ao Wong Deuan. The rest of the coast is much quieter and therefore not suitable for those who love being in too crowded beaches.

The beach of Hat Sai Kaew (literally ‘Sand Diamond’) is more than 1 km long and is the most beautiful in all of Koh Samet. At sunset the beach clears with the lights of the bars and local restaurants, where you can spend pleasant evenings and enjoy some of the finest kitchens in all of Thailand: of course seafood !

Many beach restaurants offer cosy oriental cushions around low tables, adorned with oil lamps: undoubtedly location perfect for a romantic dinner.

Equally beautiful is the beach of Ao Hin Khok with its impressive granite rocks. This beach is separated from Hat Sai Kaew by a rocky promontory on which you can admire the statue of a mermaid. Passed another promontory you arrive in the picturesque bay of Ao Phai, characterized by a magnificent beach, unfortunately, often it crowded.

Thailand sellers beach in Koh samet

Continuing on foot along the rocky shoreline over Ao Wai you will meet Ao Kiu Na Nok. Here you will find one of the most beautiful beach of Koh Samet. From this point, with only a 5 minute walk, you can reach the western side of the island and the sun goes down enjoy a magnificent tropical sunset.

fishing sunset- koh samet - Thailand

On the western side is the beach of Ao Phrao Hat (Bay of coconuts). This part of the island is much quieter than its opposite, and is therefore suitable for those who want a more relaxing and peaceful than that offered by the worldly east coast. In conclusion, if you are looking for the most beautiful Thai beaches, the beautiful island of Koh Samet will surprise you with its emerald sea, lush vegetation and a nice night-life.

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