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Sixteen kilometers of beaches, a crystal clear sea full of corals and tropical fish in a perfect setting of a beautiful nature: This masterpiece is called Koh Mak. Phi Phi Island -Another beautiful resort of Thailand- hosted The Beach, and it is! But if you are looking for an entire coast to shoot a film in the Tropics, the Koh Mak will win the Oscar. So in 2010 the celebrated magazine  Sunday Times , included the small island of Koh Mak in the ranking of the 10 most beautiful in the world and – still unknown to mass tourism !

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Nature in Koh Mak Island

The small island Koh Mak is mostly flat with a gentle hilly stretch of no more than 150 m height above sea level. This peculiarity makes it unique among all other islands of the archipelago and allows you to move easily on foot or by bicycle. This small island is part of the Koh Chang archipelago, which has about hundreds of other islands and islets, of which many marine reserves or national parks. Its 400 inhabitants are addicted to fishing, the cultivation of the coconut palm, rubber and only in recent years to the lodging industry.

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Your holidays in Koh Mak will therefore a wonder for its long white sandy beaches that gently slope into the emerald sea, rich in coral reefs and tropical fish. Koh Mak is also home to an intact rainforest that covers almost 80% of its territory.

Cococape pier in Koh MakThe tourist development of the island began a few years ago with the construction of the first Resort and the island has been gained some popularity among those to destinations of mass tourism prefer the most sought after and quiet. Another good news is the continued commitment of the institutions and primarily the inhabitants of the island to promote  eco-sustainable tourism, to preserve the splendour of its natural scenery of its coastline. For this reason, a special regulation prohibits the manufacture of the island’s tallest buildings of three floors, prohibits the opening of Go Go Bar, the use of jet-skis and the practice of other activities that would betray the nature of this pristine island.

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These rules aim to preserve the natural heritage of the place, thus retaining a small tropical paradise. Spend your holiday in Koh Mak , then, means living in harmony with nature, a thousand miles away from the chaos of the more tourist areas.

Koh Mak: the ideal holiday for the whole family

In Koh Mak there were recently made several trekking routes and bike paths that allow you to explore the island without difficulty, through the most scenic spots.

beach of Koh Mak - destination vacation package innviaggi.comThe absence of cars (only a few rooms and  the resort in fact have a pick-up to ensure transport on the island), and jet sky, make the island of Koh Mak a place not only very quiet, but also very safe and suitable for family holidays; an ideal place for couples, and all visitors looking for quiet and romantic views from the peacefulness of a tropical island. Not forgetting that Koh Mak is also surrounded by many other islands, such as Koh Rang, a very beautiful marine park; Koh Kradat (Deer Island); Koh Kham; Koh Rayang and Ko Phi and is therefore an ideal starting point to practice snorkelling and diving.

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The pleasant atmosphere in the island, often informal and juvenile, is also due to its small bars and restaurants. Here you can enjoy delicious dishes based on fish and enjoyable moments always in the company of new friends. The size of the island and its proximity to Bangkok (only 280 km compared to 600 in Koh Samui and Phuket to 1000 km), the new airport in Trat allowing quick transfers to the capital Bangkok, is good reason to believe that the ‘Island is destined to become one of the most exclusive locations around the South east Asia, a real pearl of Thailand.

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Business Opportunities in Koh Mak

In recent years the island of Koh Mak has also become a land of opportunity. Many are in fact the tourists after a first stay dream of moving to the island, or invest in a home-style tropical to return several times a year in Thailand. For information on opportunities for real estate investment in the island of Koh Mak, Koh Chang and Koh Kood we will include:  www.koh-mak-property.com

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