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One of the last Thailand paradise…

Koh Kood Beach - holiday in Thailand

Mountains and craggy peaks between waterfalls and lush tropical vegetation. Landscapes surrounded by the cliffs of hard granite rock or porous volcanic lava, a mirror of bays and pristine lagoons. Beaches of white sand and crystal clear sea. Reef and coral full of colorful tropical fish. Where to find it ? Of course in Thailand, in the marvellous island of Koh Kood.

Bays of Koh Kood and swimmers - holiday in Thailand

Fourth largest island in Thailand (after Phuket, Koh Chang and Koh Samui) the wonderful Koh Kood is in fact the last place of Thailand to have developed for tourist. Because of its proximity to the border Cambodian border, the island has been neglected for many years by the Thai government, but by the early 2000s, Koh Kood has new life, and began to develop a timid tourism.

Koh Kood Island now

With the passage of time, the number of hotels and Resort has been gradually increasing, albeit in a completely different way than most of the tourist resorts of Thailand. Both because of the nature of the island, characterized by a mountainous interior full of waterfalls and wild tropical vegetation, and the absence of traffic (there is only one paved road that connects a small part of the island) Koh Kood has been chosen by the most exclusive hotel chains and therefore boasts a selection of resort that is unequalled in the whole country!

waterfalls in Koh Kood - exclusive holidays thailand

These include the Soneva Kiri, a 6 Star resort that boasts a breathtaking lagoon and a small private airport ( located on a small island ) where daily land small jet and helicopter from Bangkok only for the exclusive property of the resort. Among the most illustrious guests of Soneva Kiri is reporting the Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher, the British Prime Minister, and probably many other celebrities that for privacy reasons, we do not know the names. However, aside from the exclusive offer of Soneva Kiri, the island of Koh Kood offers the opportunity to  all inclusive holidays  inside beautiful Beach Resorts and facilities.

Koh Kood is located in the south of Koh Chang archipelago, just after the small island of Koh Mak, which is only 15-20 minutes by boat. The island’s best beaches are located on the west coast, on all, especially that of Hat Tapho and Siam Beach.

How to explore Koh Kood

divers to Koh Kood - holiday in ThailandVisit the island on your own, independently, it is certainly possible, but it is to be an expert biker, for this should contact the accommodation and organize excursions around the island. The tours are of course the most charming ones by boat, because it will allow you to reach bays and inaccessible beaches. The south coast also offers a spectacular route along cliffs features that will allow you to explore on foot many small bays. Designed respectful of nature surrounding this simple path trekking offer impressive walk and a breathtaking landscape.

In addition to the magnificent resort in which to stay, Koh Kood offers the opportunity to visit some typical fisherman villages, still based on the traditional activities of fishing and the cultivation of the coconut palm.

pier koh Kood - departure tour in ThailandAs in the other islands of Thailand, while on holiday in Thailand, in Koh Kood you can practice any kind of activity related to the sea (with great attention to sustainability and environmental protection) as snorkelling , diving, fishing, the kayak,  etc. As for other locations, where you can also enjoy the benefits of spa treatments at the many massage centres of the island, or choose a Thai cooking class.

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