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Why make an investment in Thailand ?

It would be easy to answer: because it is a beautiful place, with crystal clear sea, a setting of lush tropical vegetation and one of the friendliest people in the world, but there’s a lot more. In this historic moment, Europe is facing one of the greatest economic crisis ever, the media talk incessantly of “recession”, “unemployment” and above all “sacrifices”, as too often happens that fall entirely on the shoulders of citizens in the form of tax cuts and salted services. In this context, many Western countries are recording a yearly growth rate at around 0% and many entrepreneurs are shifting their investments to Asia, especially in China and Thailand. The underlying reasons for this are many, of these are described below.

Steady growth of the Asia Economy

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Despite talk constantly of “global or world crisis”, most of the Asian countries (especially China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India) are instead recorded a time of unprecedented growth and development. So, while in a large part of Europe’s citizens are struggling to get to the end of the month, in Asia we are witnessing a unique period, characterized by economic growth and social optimism increasingly popular. It is a veritable golden age, which is transforming nations once considered the “third world” in economic superpowers, now able to compete with those of the West, or even exceed them.

Natural levelling of world economies

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What we are seeing, certainly it can not be due to ‘luck’, the good or the bad luck of certain states over others. It is rather a phenomenon of redistribution of economic balance. The West (US and Europe) are in fact losing its dominant role in the World Economy, giving the way to the new countries increasingly independent, and protagonists of a new evolution. At the peak of a big climb, widely carried on the shoulders of the poorest countries in the world, today the West is no longer able to maintain its unbalanced economic model.

Economic policy in Europe

But who are paying the price for all this ?Obviously the majority of citizens who currently live and work in the West. We are all called to ‘ austerity , sacrifices, precariousness, to pay taxes ever higher.

At a critical time like the present, between families who do not arrive at the end of the month, thousands of small and medium-sized businesses that are closing every day and a dramatic increase in unemployment, governments are not only able to implement serious policies against crisis but they seem to penalize the citizen with the tightening of tax penalties and a cumbersome bureaucracy and inefficiency. What can business opportunities such as reserving a country in Europe where the bearers of new ideas are limited by a system hyper-bureaucratized, heavy and unable to accommodate new forms of business?

Economic freedom and entrepreneurship

It’s time to introduce ourselves, my name is Christian and this is my personal experience. After spending five years working as an assistant in a law firm in Italy, without ever been able to afford anything outside of a normal life as a worker, sickened by the “Italian justice” and increasingly embittered by a government that instead of helping the average person trying to limit it only in its choice, in 2001 I made the decision to leave Italy and try to change my life. After some work experiences around the world (including New Zealand and Australia) in 2004 I moved to Thailand and finally my dreams started to come true.

I wanted to start a company, start a new business: done ! Incredible? No, that always works in Asia. You want to open a shop? Simply rent a room, ask for authorization to the office of the municipality (maximum time allowed for the practice few hours), buying goods, ‘pull up the gate’ and start your new business ! This is economic freedom and entrepreneurship which everyone should be entitled. And this is a winning system, lightweight, which help every citizen to find his own way, to build their business, rather than hinder it tenaciously, with a tangle of laws and taxes incomprehensible. Well, since I’ve been in Thailand my life has changed dramatically, everything became immediately possible and feasible. And of course I have never regretted the choice I made. To many it may seem strange, but I believe that Thailand today is essentially a better country of our beloved Europe, a place that I continue to love deeply, but which in my view has lost the path of reason.

Europe and in my case Italy will always remain in my heart, but until they become a country fair, until it will give to young people real opportunities for growth, independence and future, will remain in my eyes a nation obsolete, over-bureaucratized and deeply unjust. A country that has it all: beauty and culture, a people incredible and brilliant minds, recognized worldwide for their scientific merits. But that because of a corrupt political, for years can not be anything but worsen the lives of its citizens.

Quality of life in Asia and Thailand

Let’s face it, that is needed nowadays to be able to live in dignity in Europe ? Just a € 1,500 per month ? It is clear that with this money you can survive, especially on two conditions: that you have owned a home and family to work at least two people. If one of these conditions is less, the problems become serious. For this reason, in recent years an increasing number of Westerners (mostly British, French, Scandinavians, Germans and now finally also increasingly Italian), aware of this situation, they decided to invest in Thailand and move to Asian countries.

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Not only for the dream beaches and tropical climate, but for economic freedom and entrepreneurship that have been said above, in short: to a quality of life that is in fact much higher than what most people can afford in Europe. In Thailand, in fact, with 1,500 € per month you do not survive, you live a quality life! You can will allow a nice house, maybe even the staff, car, school for their children, the holidays, often go out to dinner, go shopping … the list could go on and on.

 Information and advice for investments in Thailand

For any information relating to possible business opportunities  and  investments in Thailand,  write freely to the e-mail address indicated below, I will be happy to answer all your questions.

Dr. Christian Grimaccia –  [email protected]

If you are interested in purchasing a property or land in Thailand where you can build the home of your dreams, visit and write to [email protected]

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