1. Services

InnViaggiThailandia.com is a website belonging to the group InnViaggi Asia Co.Ltd., Online Travel Agency and Tour Operator headquartered in Thailand and representative offices in Italy. InnViaggi Asia Co. Ltd. offers the service of selling travel packages through its online travel agency and tourism InnViaggi Asia, the holder of a regular license issued by the Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom of Thailand (TAT no. 14/01279).

This document defines the general conditions of sale and contract prepared by InnViaggi Asia Co. Ltd, legal person hereinafter called “InnViaggi” or ‘”Intermediary”, for the purchase by the user (the’ ‘User’ ) through the website www.InnViaggiThailandia.com (the “Site”), of tourist services as specified below:

– “Package Holidays” pursuant to art. 84 of the Decree of September 6, 2005, n. 206 (Tourism Code, Legislative Decree 23 May 2011, 79) “Tourist packages subject to travel, holidays and package tours, resulting from the combination of at least two of the following elements, sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price, and longer than twenty-four hours, or at least one night: a) transport; b) accommodation; c) tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation provided for in Article 86, paragraphs i) and o), which constitute a significant part of the package. “;

– “Travel Services” means the services of flight, hotel, car, trains, cruises, etc. offered individually and all services not related to the definition of “pre-arranged combination” liable to constitute a tourist package, in accordance with local regulations. Travel Services are not among the Tour Packages because the selection of Travel Services is structured in the Site by User ‘based on its specific needs, destinations, dates and individual services (choosing the price of the flight, the category of’ hotels, etc.).

“Insurance Services”: insurance policies that provide coverage of risks related to the trip, inclusive of any further service to the person who is, at the time of the casualty, away from their usual residence (Tourism Code, Legislative Decree May 23, 2011, n.79).

All these conditions must be accepted by you before proceeding with the purchase of tourism services.
2. Intermediary travel and related responsibilities

In relation Buying of Tourist Services in art. 1, the InnViaggi Asia Co. Ltd. operates as an Intermediary under the International Convention on Travel Contracts (hereinafter “CCV”) of 23.04.1970 ratified in Italy with Law no. 1084 of 1977.

Pursuant to art. 1 point 3 of the CCV, apply: “Contract intermediary travel any contract by which a person is committed to provide for another, by means of a price, is a contract of travel organization, is one or of separate services that allow you to make a trip or a stay any. “and is defined in paragraph 6:” Intermediary travel any person who habitually commits defined in paragraph 3, either as a main activity or not, either in a professional or not. “The Intermediary is not liable under any circumstances for the obligations arising from travel, in particular under the third paragraph of Art. 22 of the CCV “The intermediary is not liable for all or part of travel, accommodation or other services that are the subject of the contract.” The Intermediary shall only be liable for the obligations arising from its role as intermediary in accordance with the current rules. And in fact, the relationship between the User and travel intermediary is traditionally seen as part of the agency contract. The travel agent in fact does not assume direct management of the services required by customers but is limited to carry out a “external cooperation” that goes beyond the task to take out on behalf and in the name of the traveler a number of contracts relating to the provision services essential to the realization of the trip or travel package. The compensation for damage suffered by you in relation to the infringement of the Intermediary in case of purchase of Tourist services, is governed by the provisions contained in the CCV.
3. Discipline related to tourist services

The purchase of a tourist package or one or more Travel Services, as defined in art. 1, is a contract between you and the provider of the Tourist Package or individual Travel Services under the rules and conditions applicable by individual provider. In the case of purchase of Travel Services, the User acknowledges that the provider of a single service may make changes to Purchase at any time. Given that the Intermediary, which travel intermediary, pursuant to the third paragraph of Article 22 of the CCV is not liable for all or part of travel, accommodation or other services that are offered on the Site, nevertheless the Intermediary shall inform the user, when put by the supplier aware of the necessary information in writing via e-mail and / or fax the type of change which has been subject to travel (eg .: unavailability room Hotel, modification time of departure flight or return supervening cancellation of the flight, economic changes, etc.).

Any refund of the amounts paid by you will be arranged according to the regulations and laws applicable to each service provider, and the timing of repayments depend exclusively by individual providers (eg: in case you are asked for by the Asia InnViaggi a refund due to an airline, it will be the latter, following a report of the Intermediary, to make the refund directly to the customer, any protracted time required for this operation will in no way attributable to the Intermediary). The only amounts collected by the Intermediary are in fact those relating to expenses of management of the practice of travel: the cost of the service offered is collected directly from the same supplier. The Intermediary shall also not be liable for any damages resulting from cancellations or changes in the Travel Services due to force majeure. These events include for example but not limited to: war, terrorist activity, strikes, fires, epidemics, hurricanes and other actual or potential serious environmental and natural disasters.
4. Individual travel services

The contracts for the supply of the only transport service, the accommodation or any other service, can not be configured as a case in point of travel or tourist package, are governed by the following provisions of the CCV: art. 1 3 and 6; Articles. 17 to 23; Articles. 24 to 31, with regard to provisions other than those relating to the organization contract.
5. Discipline of packages

The supply of Tour Packages is not offered by the Intermediary but by third parties, and is therefore governed by the terms and conditions of sale applied by the third party supplier of Tourist Package. These conditions are set forth by the Association of Italian Tour Operators and regulate every aspect of the Purchase with suppliers. Below are all the General Conditions of Contract for the sale of Holiday Packages established by Astoi and approved by Assotravel, Assoviaggi, Astoi and Fiavet.
6. Obligations of the traveler – travel documents

The User during the making of the trip, be it for the purchase of a tourist package or individual Travel Services, will be provided with all identity documents valid for foreign travel for all countries affected in the itinerary and residence visas, transit and health certificates, if required to enter a country. For information in this regard, the User must contact the Competent Authority. Also it is the obligation of the User inquire of the latter about any special procedures related to travel. The company InnViaggi Asia Co. Ltd will not be held in any way responsible for the mistakes that occurred during the trip as a result of failure to inform the User.
7. Information on the site

The Intermediary agrees to make every reasonable effort to ensure that the information contained on the Site and www.InnViaggiThailandia.com www.InnViaggi.com on services offered, is accurate and up to date. However, the information contained on the Site are largely provided by third party suppliers of Packages and Travel Services offered thus, to the extent permitted by applicable law, the Intermediary can not be held responsible for their accuracy and precision.
8. Exclusion right of withdrawal for travel

The discipline of withdrawal provided for in Articles. 64-67 of the Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (Cd Consumer Code) concerning the rules for the protection of consumers in the event of contracts negotiated away from business premises or concluded at a distance, is excluded for contracts such as those pertaining to organization tourist so InnViaggi Asia is intermediary pursuant to art. 55 of the Decree: “Art. 55. Exclusions 1. The right of withdrawal provided for in Articles 64 and following, as well as’ Articles 52 and 53 and paragraph 1 of Article 54 does not apply: to contracts for the supply of services relating to accommodation, transport, catering, leisure, when at the conclusion of the contract, the trader undertakes to provide these services on a specific date or within a specific period. “
9. Complaints users

Any dispute relating to performance of the contract must be contested by you without delay so that the Intermediary, on behalf of the third party vendor, or third supplier itself you can put an early correction. You will also have to send every complaint no later than ten working days from the date of return to the resort travel with registered mail to the following address: InnViaggi Asia Co. Ltd, 241/189 Hamlet, Easter Star, 21130 Banchang, Rayong, Thailand.
10. Reimbursement trip or service

The customer authorizes InnViaggi Asia Co. Ltd. to use the data on the credit card provided by the customer the same in order to make the buying of services required, charge related costs, including management fees, possible consequential debit transactions / accreditation dependent changes, cancellation related to the services requested, as well as the payment of the premium for insurance of tourist assistance and recognition of any refunds relating to it. The customer is aware of the fact that in the event of a request to change and / or cancellation and / or loss of use of one or more of the services purchased, the opportunity to get a refund depends on the tariff of the service provider. In case of non-use of the service by the customer, including in relation to securities of non-refundable trip, the Italian legislation in force provides for the right to receive reimbursement from the carrier of the amounts charged by way of airport charges and additional ministerial. In case of tickets issued by low cost airlines, the practice of repayment must be made directly by the traveler, as specified by the company. In case of tickets issued by member airlines of IATA companies require that the request for refund is presented and managed through the issuing travel agency. Therefore, in such cases, the customer instructs and authorizes InnViaggi Asia Co. Ltd to put in place for the customer all the activities necessary to obtain a refund of airport taxes and additional ministerial, with mandate for. InnViaggi Asia will confirm to the customer by email that they have started the practice of repayment, with an indication of the amounts subject to refund, net of management fee InnViaggi Asia. The customer may, within 15 days thereafter, communicate to InnViaggi Asia Co. Ltd. that it will not continue in the practice of repayment, without any charge against him.

InnViaggi Asia recognize customer within 30 days of receipt of the relevant amounts, the amount paid by the airline, net of a management fee for the activity carried out of € 19 per ticket. The refund will be made by crediting the credit card used by the customer at the time of purchase.

For any additional questions or concerns about how to return and refund service is active e-mail: [email protected]
11. Luggage travel expenses

In case of refusal of payment by credit card, including in the case of exceeding the maximum allowed, a sum equal to 20% of the value of the purchased service will be withdrawn from the account of the Buyer as a deposit. At the time of final payment, that amount will be subtracted from the total price regularly. If the buyer should for any reason be unable to pay the final price agreed upon by the day of the actual booking or within the different time periods and / or agreed, the sum of € 49.00 will be deducted as a cost management.
12. Conditions governing the use of the website

You may use the Website and the material contained therein, in accordance with the conditions of use of the website mentioned below.
13. Personal information – privacy policy

Your personal data will be processed in accordance to what is described in this Privacy Policy.

Notice pursuant to Article 16 of Law 269/98 Italian law punishes with imprisonment for crimes related to prostitution and child pornography, even if they have been committed abroad.

www.InnViaggiThailandia.com is a website belonging to the company InnViaggi Asia Co. Ltd., a company specializing in the brokering of services also Online Travel, Tour Operator, Last Minute Deals to Thailand (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, China etc.).

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