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Bangkok, Thailand, China TownThe hectic and quaint Chinatown in Bangkok Chinatown runs along the Yaowarat Road running from Odeon Circle, where a traditional Chinese ceremonial entrance marks the beginning until Ong Ang Canal, which marks the outer boundaries of the royal quarter.

The main street is lined with shops Yaowarat goldsmith (Chinatown is indeed one of the best places to shop in Bangkok, articles of gold). Just off the main road, in both directions, the neighborhood is developed in a series of parallel and cross streets where you can find just about anything. Textiles, watches, electronic items, gadgets, dvd, genres alimenatri and much more …

Patpong MarketThe Chinese community in Bangkok preceded the founding of the Thai capital and in fact what is today the largest royal palace was a community of Chinese traders.When later King Rama I decided to establish the capital to Bangkok, he asked merchants to move and these settled east of the new town, along the Chao Phaya. It ‘hard to believe, but the narrow street Sampheng was once the main street of Chinatown.

The best time to visit the Chinatown district of China Town in Bangkok and ‘early in the morning, before the sun becomes hot and before getting trapped in an amazing tangle of goods, vehicles and people of all kinds. There is no better area to another in China Town, let lose in the narrow alleys, do yourself space to advance and let fate guide you to discover this amazing city ‘in the city’. When you tire of walking, stop in one of the many stalls on the roadside to cool off with some juice and be sure to sample the traditional Chinese cuisine in a small restaurant or street.

Along the way, stop to watch the small temples and pagodas that you will find a little ‘everywhere, here guests can admire the rituals of prayer and offerings every morning are made by traders from China before starting the activities’ sales.

Tuk Tuk, Bangkok, ThailandChina Town can ‘be easily reached by taxi (but try to avoid rush hours otherwise you will be stuck in traffic for hours!), By bus or subway to reach the railway station in Bangkok that is on the edge of the neighborhood.

China Town and ‘a good place to shop and to make a bargain, but remember that in China Town is sold mainly in bulk and therefore better prices will emerge only if you buy a number of products.

In conclusion, if you are in Bangkok and to visit the district of China Towm try to start the morning up early. After the visit to China Town can easily reach the area of ​​the Royal Palace and the Emerald Bhudda and also Khaosan Road.

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