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Trip to Thailand - What to KnowPassport and Visa

To make a vacation in Thailand and/or in other countries of the South-East Asia, you must have a valid passport  for at least 6 months. For Thailand and for most of the other countries the tourist visa is issued by the authorities at the airport. Visa for Thailand, Malaysia and Laos is free, while other countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar they require a Visa payment ( normally around 30$ ).

The only countries that require a visa before leaving are Myanmar and Vietnam. The tourist visa normally has a duration of 30 days, but you can request an extension of the residence permit for a further 15 days at the Immigration Office ( for Thailand in Soi Suan Phlu – Saton Tai Road, Bangkok Ph. 66-2287 – 3101, 66 – 2287-3110). The visa issued by the Thai Embassy or Consulates representative in the EU countries is only necessary if you want to stay in Thailand more than 30 days ( in this case you can get permits 60, 90 and 120 days).

Vaccinations or malaria prophylaxis

To be able to enter in Thailand is not required and neither recommended any kind of vaccination and / or malaria prophylactics. In Thailand malaria is very rare, concentrated in rural areas and only in the rainy season. The usual precautions ( dress long pants at shirts, a good repellent and a nicely clean room with mosquito net ) are in themselves sufficient to prevent any type of malaria or dengue fever.

What to pack?

Whatever the season in which you are leave it is advisable to pack only fresh and light clothes fresh ( linen and cotton clothes are perfect for the tropical climate of Thailand and south-east Asia ). If your holidays are held between January and December, or your goal is the mountainous area of ​​northern Thailand ( Chiang Mai, Chang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Pae etc. ), it is advisable to add some long-sleeved shirt or sweater for the evenings. A k-way or a windbreaker will always be useful both in the rain and in the case of boat trips. In some luxury hotels and exclusive clubs may need to wear appropriate clothing during dinner. If you intend to visit the Buddhist temples, men must wear long pants, women should instead avoid clothes that are too short or revealing part of the body. Always remember to remove your shoes before entering a temple and in private homes, not to do is considered an act of great irreverence.

Asia: one of the best shopping in the world !

Do not overfill your bags before you leave otherwise you will not have enough space for the shopping that certainly you will make during your stay in Asia. Thailand is one of the shopping havens worldwide, which is why much of the clothing that will be useful during the trip you can buy it directly on the site, at amazing prices ! Regarding shopping our travel consultants will advise you about the best shopping malls to visit depending on the type of product you wish.

High quality health services in Thailand - bangkok international hospitalHealth Services Thai

Perhaps not many people know that Thailand has one of the best health services in all of Asia. Both private and government hospitals provide public services to tourists quick and efficient. For this reason more and more people combine a trip to Thailand to specialized medical care, especially dental care or cosmetic surgery, specializations in which Thailand has no rivals.

Currency exchange services

The currency in Thailand is the Baht, this coin has a fixed exchange rate with any western currency and is rather fluctuates with world markets (currently € 1 equals about 38 Baht). In Thailand the notes may have a value of 20 Baht, 100 Baht, 500 Baht and 1,000 Baht.

Travel Checks, Credit Cards and Banks

Travellers’ checks can be exchanged at any bank and authorized money-changers. The more favourable exchange rate for traveller’s checks you get in Bangkok where you can find the best rates (we recommend changing the SuperRich also available on-line). Advise not to change money in the hotel and upon arrival at the airport, because the rates are generally lower than those offered by banks and authorized money-changers. The major credit cards (American Express, Diners Club, JCB, MasterCard and VISA) are commonly accepted at major banks, restaurants, hotels and shops. Thai and foreign banks offer the same services across the country.

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