Bangkok: the most beautiful city in the world

Travel Bangkok - ThailandBangkok, locally called the “City of Angels” and known worldwide as the “Venice of ‘Asia’. With its dense network of waterways, with its colorful markets and perfumes, with its temples and pagodas that are opposed to a central fact of modern skyscrapers and futuristic flying trains, it is able to impress anyone.

With his incessant street life made up of many small businesses, with its vibrant night life, with the discreet charm of its people shaped by ancient traditions and the Buddhist philosophy, the city of Bangkok is able to leave an indelible memory in the traveler herself.

Ayuthaya, the ancient capital of Siam, Thailand Travel OffersIt ‘s probably the reason for which the well-known magazine Travel & Laisure appointed Bangkok the best city in the world for the fourth year in a row! We may not all be okay with that choice, especially Westerners accustomed to the city as the real Venice, Rome, Florence or Paris, but it is undeniable that Bangkok has a charm all its own, which makes it unique in the world. We are not referring only to its historical and archeological level, as a small part in the modern city (for those will need to visit the ancient capital of Ayuthaya and Sukhothai), we are referring to the metropolis came from a small fishing village on the banks Chao Phaya River, the metropolis which currently houses approximately 15 million inhabitants. Fifteen million people who live, work, pray. Millions of tiny souls in this big Asian metropolis that in a few years replaced the dilapidated wooden stilts with a myriad of skyscrapers, subways, trains flying (skytrain).Infrastructure and modernity that most of us in the West, we think so advanced, we have never seen in our lifetime.

Chao Phaya River, Bangkok, ThailandAnd despite all this the city of Bangkok, with its trendy bars, his social life also made of nightclubs and red-light districts, still manages to offer neighborhoods where time seems to stand still. Quiet areas where you can still sit in the small kiosk on the edge of the road, have a drink with some friends, and observe the flow of life in Asia, with its ancient traditions and its modern contradictions.

This writer does not like big cities, prefer open spaces made of pristine landscapes and crystal clear waters, but it would be a hypocrite if I told you that does not like Bangkok, you can not not love.Maybe for a few days, two or three before you go to see those areas that led us to make a trip to Asia, but Bangkok has to be seen and experienced during your trip to Thailand, that’s for sure.

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