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The beautiful and vast Indonesian archipelago, with its 17,000 islands and unspoiled tropical atolls, is perhaps the best of all the Sue-East Asia. With its heady fragrance, with vivid colours that characterize its places, its stunning views and with its different cultures Indonesia conquer ‘surely your senses and your imagination.

The Indonesian archipelago stretches along the equator for about 5000 km, and about two-thirds of the islands are uninhabited. At the same time the Indonesian city are constantly evolving allowing a perfect symbiosis between technological progress and ethnic traditions. Despite this, the majority of the Indonesian territory is still virgin and unexplored, concealing ancient cultures and fabulous scenery …

Landscapes of Bali & IndonesiaIslands and tropical atolls that contrast with steep volcanic cones that sprout a bit ‘anywhere in the archipelago, ancient sultanates such as Java, the beautiful beaches of alabaster of the Moluccas, the jungle of Sumatra or the wonders zoological Kalimantan and Papua New Guinea, populated by hundreds of species of monkeys, the sun from the bear, leopards, orang-utans, the famous dragons of Komodo, sea turtles, birds of all kinds, iguanas, marsupials and more.

Lost among the ancient ruins of its ancient temples such as the spectacular Prambanan in Java, meditate before one of the many Buddha statues in the magnificent Borobudur temple, be fascinated by shopping at one of the many markets in Sukarara, Ubud, Bali or Lombok, all this is only a small part of what Indonesia could give you.

Scale the heights of volcanoes, trekking in the lush jungle, indulge in more ‘fun activities’ in Bali such as para sailing or dive in its crystal and pristine clear waters to explore its depths that conceal fantastic coral reefs populated by a multitude of tropical and colourful fish, Indonesia will remain ‘forever in your memories and your wish will probably’ to return to more ‘soon.

Rice terraces of Bali & Indonesian IndonesiaAnimal world ‘so large and diverse that it seems that scientists discover new species in Indonesia nearly every day. Besides the splendid orang utans that can be seen in the ‘Island of Sumatra Bukit Lawang or in Kutai National Park in Kalimantan, you can also see gibbons, macaques, proboscis monkeys, sun bears and magnificent leopards, as well as hundreds of species of birds and birds of prey, the kangaroos in Foja mountains (in the natural park of Wasur) or “bird of Paradise” (in the islands around Pulau Biak) and of course the famous dragons Islands Comodo.

With its thousands of islands Indonesia is also a paradise for lovers of aquatic activity’ first among all the diving, snorkelling and surfing.

For those who practice surfing the localities ‘most’ notes are Ulu watu in Bali, Nusa Lembongan, Kuta and Legian. Desrt Point Lombok, Pulau Nias and Mentawai Island in Sumatra and many other towns’ that would be too difficult to list exhaustively here.

Besides surfing Indonesia is a paradise for divers and in fact its 17,500 islands lie of unexpected beauty. The island of Banda in the Moluccas and ‘well-known for its coral gardens teeming with marine life, fish giant gorgonia sea, underwater canyons can be seen on the island of Pulau Weh in Sumatra, but one of the resorts’ best for diving and ‘Long considered Angen which with its 20 dive can admire mantas real, lion-fish, moray eels, barracuda, giant groupers etc. The spectacular Pulau Bunaken in Sulawesi is populated by over 300 species of fish and coral, sea turtles, reef sharks and dolphins and finally point out Lembeh Strait underwater world that conceals a unique destination for lovers of underwater photography. Noteworthy then Pulau Derawan Islands Kalimantan, the Gili islands, Komodo and Labuanbajo.

Natural beauty and art - Belalang-Bali-Bali and Indonesia IndonesiaBut satisfy even lovers of mountains and hiking. The beautiful national park Gunung Sumatra, Ujung Kulon National Park in Java proclaimed World Heritage by UNESCO will let you explore virgin forests and admire a magnificent wildlife. Island of Ljen Plateau will be ‘can also admire the volcanic cones and sulphurous lakes, the amazing rice terraces of the den Toraja in Sulawesi while the more’ adventurous can explore the Papua New Guinea.

Island of Bali

The island of Bali is probably the most’ famous among the islands of ‘Indonesia. The island may appear small (and in fact can ‘be turned into the car during a day), but what the island can’ Bidding to the tourist and traveller is much’ of its vast territory.

sea ​​and diving Bali and indonesiaStunning rice terraces, beaches with ocean waves for surfers, temples and architecture of unparalleled beauty, tropical beaches for lovers of relaxation, an ancient culture rich in ceremonies and traditional dances.

Small does not mean therefore limited, which circles the history and culture or sports and relaxation on the island of Bali and ‘able to meet every expectation and travel. So ‘from the wild beaches of Kuta you can’ find in the comfort and luxury of Seminyak. The art of Ubud mixes adventurous trek through the peaks of the volcanoes. From the gentle beaches of Amed, Lovina and Pemuteran you get up to ‘idyllic island of Nusa Lembongan.

The people of Bali are almost entirely Indonesians, 95% derives from the fact that Hindu Balinese can’ therefore be considered the true ethnic Balinese. The remaining inhabitants come from other parts of the country including Java. The main religion of the island and ‘therefore the Hindu and Hindu obviously are the most temples that’ you can admire in Bali. Bali is ‘an island that already’ for years knows the tourism and ‘therefore a very safe place where to spend your holiday, a mix of art and nature.

4919163_origWhen leaving to Bali and Indonesia?

Lying along the equator the ‘Indonesia can’ be visited throughout the year even though his two seasons, the dry and the wet, determine the difference depending on whether there are any rainfall. The rains are concentrated for the most part of Indonesian territory between October and April while the dry season ‘from May to September which therefore represents the peak season in Indonesia.

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